Cheating at Roulette

Cheating at roulette is a practice that has been attempted by players and casinos alike. Casinos have entered in more fair play practices since the laws passed in 1931 made it clear that cheating was unacceptable. While some attempts at cheating do still occur in land based locations, roulette cheating online is nearly impossible.

Rigged Wheels

The most common way for casinos to cheat at roulette is to rig the wheel in their favor. This can be done by placing magnets in the wheel and using a steel ball or by applying glue to various slots to affect the ball's bounce. Rigged wheels are illegal today. Roulette cheating online with a rigged wheel is impossible with the advanced programming used to ensure fair play.

Cheating by Players

The most common method for players to cheat at roulette in a land based casino involves placing a late bet. If the dealer isn't paying close attention, players can attempt to slip in their bet late, after the wheel has begun to spin. This is very dangerous, however, and may result in expulsion from the casino if the player is caught. Again, cheating at online roulette cannot be done in this manner, as the computer accepts all bets in a timely manner.

Cheating at roulette or any casino game is dangerous and illegal. Online casinos have reduced the temptation since the nature of these games makes it extremely difficult to even attempt a cheating strategy. Nevertheless, attempting to cheat at any game, from roulette to slots, is a serious offense.